Hurricane Ida Relief Response

Posted by Russell Martin on

Lake Houston Friends and Family,
As you know this past week Louisiana was hit by Hurricane Ida, leaving a path of flooding, destruction and upended lives for many residents. 
We are praying for them and all those affected as they begin to asses damage and recover from this devastating storm.
There are of course many ways that we can help, but I want to suggest two that we focus on.
First way to help is that we will be joining with our community and the Huffman Fire Department to collect Items that they will take over to Louisiana. We will collect these items on Sunday Morning through Thursday morning at the church. We will take them to the fire department on Thursday at noon. 
I have been made aware that though almost anything is helpful, there is a special need for items to be used for babies, toddlers and moms such as...
Baby/Toddler Items
baby soap / shampoo / conditioner
bar soap
feminine products.
Other times needed are 
clean socks
sports drinks (gatorade/Powerade/water)
non perishable food items
work supplies - (work gloves, masks, etc)
toilet paper
Flash lights
Personal hygiene products (toothpaste/brush, deodorant, soap, shampoo etc)
The second way to help is to donate to the United Methodist Committee on Relieve US Disaster Response and Recovery - By clicking this link your donation will go to our Methodist Relief Recovery to be used for recovery from this storm and future disaster relief in the future.
These, along with your continued prayers are some of the best ways to help at this time. I am sure there will be other needs that arise, and as they do we will provide you with those ways to share and show God’s love during this difficult time.
I look forward to filling the gathering space with your donations this Sunday.
Pastor Russell Martin