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Find out more about becoming a member of Lake Houston United Methodist Church

Membership at Lake Houston UMC

We invite you to be come part of our Lake Houston UMC family. Maybe you have visited our church for a long time but have not joined. Perhaps you are visiting for the first time but feel this is the place for you. Either, way we'd love for you to join Lake Houston UMC as a member. Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions about membership. Please read them through. If you have further questions please use the form at the bottom. We will answer them as soon as possible.

What does that mean? By joining the church you make a commitment to uphold this church by your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Joining is a step of faith and commitment to this community. We recognize that we grow stronger when we work together and support each other through all the ups and downs of life.

How Can I Join? Once you talk with one of our pastors we will set up a time for you to join the church. Typically this is done during one of our two morning worship services in front of the whole church. However, while we believe that joining the church means becoming part of our family and making a public profession, we understand that doing so is intimidating to some, and we do not want that to hinder your joining. If that describes you, then we can arrange a smaller setting with fewer members, friends and family, for you to join. This could be a small group gathered after a service, sometime during the week, or even as part of a ministry or group you are currently part of.

What if I'm not ready? You may keep visiting us as long as you like. Becoming a member is not required to participate in our ministries or in most of our committees and teams. There are a few instances, like votes on certain church wide decisions, for which you must be a member, but the real reason to join are the relationships, prayers and support we commit to each other as a family of faith.

What if I'm a Member of Another Church? Maybe you are a member of another church or denomination and wish to retain that membership long term, but for now you have found church home here and want to make a commitment to this church family while you are here. This would be done by becoming an affiliate member or associate members. When you join this way you do not change your home membership in your other denomination (affiliate) or other Methodist church (associate) but for the time being you become a member of our church family. At a later date if you decide you can change your membership to full membership if you wish.

What if I watch online but wish to join? If you in the area and watching online and wish to join we can make arrangements for a small group to come visit you and you can join the church in that manner. If you are out of town we would be glad to talk with you on options for joining virtually or other appropriate means.

I'd like to join, what's the next step? Joining our Lake Houston family is a big commitment but a simple process. Once you have prayed about this decision we ask that you contact us. Simply fill out the form below and one of our pastors will get in contact with you. If you are here in person you may also talk to one of our pastors or leaders at the conclusion of the service.