Looking to pay for an event or make a donation to the church? This is the place!

Online Giving

Welcome to our online giving page. We wanted to take a moment to give you information about the different ways you can give, and the options that you have. Please read through and when you are ready to give click the link at the bottom.

There are a few ways you can give.

To Pay for a specific event -

If you are registering for a specific event you will be going through our event flow. It will ask you for your contact information, information specific for the event, and then will give you options to pay for the event. Choose the option you would like and then finish out the flow.

To Give to a Specific Fund -

To make a donation to a fund like General or Finishing the Race you will use our fund page. This link is also found in the next steps launcher. You will first specify the amount you want to give and then choose the fund, frequency, and where the money will be taken from, credit or checking account.

Recurring Gifts

You now have the option to use a checking account and to set up direct debits from your account. You can set these for a specific frequency. Here's how:

Steps for Specific Fund or Recurring Gifts

  1. Click on "Give"
  2. Enter the amount you wish to give
  3. Choose the fund you are giving to
  4. Choose the frequency you would like to make the gift
  5. Choose your starting date
  6. Choose whether you are paying with credit / debit / or ACH Checking
  7. Enter your information
  8. Review everything and submit

You should get an email acknowledging your gift with all of the details

If you create a username and password you can use that to check the status of all your gifts at any time throughout the year.

Available Funds to Make Donations


Donations here are used for the general budget and fund our yearly budget.

Capital Campaign

Donations here are used to pay off the remaining balance on the building of the Sanctuary, Rising from the Water Campaign

Finishing the Race

Funds here are used toward the Finishing the Race campaign to finish the Kitchen, Welcome Center Furniture, and for lights and cameras in the sanctuary

Revolution Youth

Donations to the general youth ministry fund to be used as needed

Mission Serve

Donations to fund our MISSION:SERVE lunch making outreach

Family Promise

Donations support Family Promise outreach efforts

WNL Meals

Donations help purchase our Wednesday Night pizza and refreshments

Food Pantry

Donations here help us to purchase food for the Huffman Food Pantry

Vacation Bible School

Donations are given specifically for Vacation Bible School


Donations help purchase tools and pay fees for the youth UM ARMY summer mission trip.

Lakeview Camp

Donations help send students to Lakeview Methodist Church Camp in Palestine Tx

Youth Camp Scholarships

Funds donated are used to help send youth to all summer camping experiences.

Children's Ministry

Donations here support our children's ministry programs

Fuge Camps

Donations here help our students go to fuge camps in the summer