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"This Week" with Pastor Frank... March 20, 2019

Dear friends,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Last Sunday we looked at the fourth part of the Way of Life of Mission-Shaped Discipleship, based on outlines from the Inspire Movement.  Inspire seeks to form mission-shaped disciples by recovering the early teachings of the John and Charles Wesley, the founders of the people called Methodists.  I have found it inspiring to look again at the faith, the clarity, the mission, of this early movement looking to awaken the Church and resulting in changing the world.  The four sections of the Way of Life are:  Seeking Growth, Using Disciplines, Engaging Mission, and Sharing Fellowship.  The sermons on each of these are available on the website, plus an sermon specifically on Communion.  

This week I'll do a summary and hopefully tie them together in a sermon called "Mission-Based Discipleship" and using Scriptures from John 8: 1-11 and Romans 12: 9-16.  Come and see...

Last week I quoted a part of "A Plain Account of the People Called Methodists" by John Wesley, and I plan to share more of that this Sunday.  A link for this document -- and it is fairly long, but worth the time, is found here:  


We are moving forward with our plans for building a new Sanctuary.  Every week Brett McGregor, chair of Trustees, and I meet with the builders and the architect to chart progress with design and choice of the contractors.  A more detailed update will be given soon by Brett.  We are fortunate, blessed, to have so many capable people who are volunteering their time and expertise to this important project that will affect not only us but those who come after us to seek and worship the Lord.

Communion continues during Lent with special services on Tuesday at 7 pm before Prayer and Wednesdays at noon.  

Please keep praying, for our church, for our leaders, for our world.

Faithfully in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Frank 

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