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"This Week" with Pastor Frank... September 13, 2018

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  This past week we continued in the sermon series on James with a sermon called "Working Together" based on James 2.  This week we continue in James with "Sticks and Stones", a look at how words affect us from James 3.  That old saying about sticks and stones is just not true, is it?  We who profess Christ as Lord are empowered to control our tongues by the Holy Spirit, if we accept the freedom and power given us in our baptism.  Words can harm, and words can heal.  Come and see, 8:30 and 10:45.

At the 10:45 service, we will honor the youth who have gone through the Confirmation Class and completed their assignments with the first Confirmation Sunday we've had here in several years.  Additionally we are planning two baptisms!  Praise the Lord!

The "Rising from the Water" Campaign is underway, and is going well.  We are blessed in our church by the talent and dedication of so many people as we face the challenges before us.  One year ago we had begun the first of three Sundays worshiping outside.  Today we are moving forward in a powerful way, being led by God toward a hope and a future.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

It is such a pleasure to be here with you.

Faithfully in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Frank 

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